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We put together a short guide to help new Shopify merchants accept orders for beauty products that you've created on viaGlamour. It'll cover the basics like adding new products, configuring shipping rates, and pushing orders to fulfillment.

The first step is to add a new product to your shop

Head over to the create page to browse available formulas, find a product you'd like to sell, and then add the product to your store by clicking the 'Add to Shopify' button at the bottom of the page.

Any product you create through viaGlamour will automatically sync to your Shopify store. So if you create a lip conditioner product you will see it both on viaGlamour and Shopify. Create your first product to see this in action!

Step 1

Next, add shipping rates for the products

Shopify will add viaGlamour as a new shipping location to your shop after you've created your first product. Shopify uses locations to organize your store's shipping rates! It'll let you set different shipping rates for our products compared to the items you may already be shipping on your own.

Under Shopify's settings select Shipping Settings and thenManage Rates next to the default shipping profile. These default rates are charged on all of your products. Expand the dropdown menu to find viaGlamour's shipping location and add new shipping rates for the products shipped by viaGlamour.

viaGlamour offers low-cost flat rate shipping that's $4.99 for the US, $7.99 for Canada, and $9.99 to the United Kingdom. Your shipping cost with viaGlamour won't increase as customers add products to their order - it's always the same flat rate.

Step 2

Test that your checkout works with a draft order

When customers purchase your beauty products their order will automatically be added to your dashboard on viaGlamour. Your dashboards between Shopify and viaGlamour will always be in sync! It'll show what products were ordered, tracking updates, and notify you of important delivery updates.

You'll need to pay for the formulation and shipping of your orders as your store receives them. Shopify only forwards the customers' payments to your bank account without splitting the payment with viaGlamour. Ex: From a $40 order you would receive $40 to your bank account and be asked to pay $15 to have an order start production.

Create a draft order to get a quick preview of this process. You won't be charged anything because draft orders aren't real payments. On Shopify's dashboard select orders, create a Draft Order, fill in the customer information with your shipping address, and add one of your beauty products to the order's line items.

A few minutes after you save the order by marking it as paid you'll be notified by email that viaGlamour has receieved a new order for your shop. You can approve the order by paying for its shipping directly from the email or discard it.

Step 3

Bundle your products with Shopify Smart Collections

Designing your shop easy with an easy naviagation will help customers find the products they want to order faster. Paralyzing your customer with decision fatigue can hurt your sales; too many unorganized products are hard sort through.

One easy way of organizing a store is to group similar product formulas on one page. You can sell liquid lipsticks and show all of the available formula options as a dropdown option. Create a variant by creating a new product and then toggling the advanced menu found at the bottom of the page . It'll show you new options to post the formula as an variant of another product.

Further simplify your website with Shopify Smart Collections! When you add a new product it'll have it's certificates listed as keywords tags such as cruelty-free or organic ingredients . You can create categories on Shopify that find products with certain keywords and group all of them under one collection automatically.

Step 3

Add swatch photos to your products

We've created swatches for products like our aloe vera gels, lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, eye creams, and much more. Make your customers find the product they want to purchase faster by included swatches on your product's gallery.

Head over to the create page and select the Anti-Aging Serum product. After select the packaging you'd like to use scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can edit the product's name. Toggle the advanced options on the top-right and then enable the option to include swatch photos. You can then add the product to your store and it'll have a swatch photo!

Step 4

Try a sample with a custom design

If you've reached this part of our guide then you already know how to add products and have orders automatically shipped to customers. The last step is to try a sample of a custom product prior to launching your shop.

Go to the designs page, select a product you want to design, and click open design editor. We've partnered with LogoCore to give you an easy place to design packaging without having to hire a designer. Use the drag-and drop tools to create text layouts and add illustrations. Clicksave when you're ready to finalize your design.

You can order a sample of any one product while you are on the free plan. Upgrade to any plan to try unlimited samples and begin accepting customer orders.

Step 5

Frequently asked questions

Where does your brand ship?

We currently ship to the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada (excluding PO Boxes), the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and France. You may experience longer delivery times when shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and remote areas up north in Canada. We're always ship orders with tracking numbers.

How are orders synced with Shopify?

When a new order is placed on your Shopify store we'll create a duplicate of the order for your dashboard inside of our app. All of the customer's purchases, shipping address, and selected formulas will be fulfilled exactly as the customer ordered.

After the order ships we'll attach the tracking number on the original Shopify order so your customer can view their delivery confirmation from their receipt. These get sent from your store and viaGlamour's branding isn't shown anywhere.

If you make any changes to the order after it's been placed it won't change the information on viaGlamour. So if you need to change an address you'll have to do that on viaGlamour's dashboard first.

When will my customers get their orders?

Please note that until further notice shipping may be delayed as our partners comply with local Covid-19 regulations. All products are still being shipped as quickly as possible and will continue to ship as long as USPS, UPS, and Canada Post are operational.

Frequently purchased items usually ship within a few days of ordering, though it can sometimes take up to 1-2 weeks to ship some orders. If a customer orders multiple items, we'll ship them when all the items are ready. Our goal is to always have customer orders delivered as quickly as possible, but sometimes things can get delayed because products have to be manufactured before they can be shipped!

You'll find shipping estimates for all of your orders on the dashboard. We take the number of products in an order and assume each product will take a business day to get made after purchase. Ex: A single liquid lipstick would be completed faster than an order of fifty foundations.

Production can be delayed by missing inventory from our ingredients suppliers, other successful campaigns that may be in production around the same time, or simple human error while preparing your designs for inking. If your order is going to be late for any reason, we'll do our best to let you know.

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